What is Milk Kefir ?

What is Milk Kefir‎ ?

Kefir is a thick liquid, carbonated and slightly alcoholic beverage, which originated in the Caucasus and Tibet. It contains probiotic bacteria (lactobacillus cacasicum), which among other things also occur in various types of yoghurt. The slightly sour and refreshing taste similar to yogurt drink. Kefir is easy to make, you just need some kefir grains and milk. So no expensive probiotic drinks or yoghurts to buy, but make the Kefir yourself, Homemade Kefir is much cheaper and tastier! The kefir grains are sponge-like structure of lactose with live yeast cells, as it creates a probiotic product; which is good for health.

Milk kefir is recommended when the intestines are out of balance by eg, a stressful period or after taking antibiotics or medications. By getting a disturbed relationship of the gut bacteria sorts of unwanted bacteria the opportunity and the body is no longer in optimum condition and can cause chronic diseases.

The health benefits of kefir

In kefir are healthy bacteria and yeasts. Kefir is a fermented milk drink that is highly nutritious and contains live probiotics. Probiotics are in a position to restore the intestinal mucosa again. Good kefir bacteria lodge in the intestinal mucosa and there eliminate the unhealthy yeast and bacteria. This allows the casings to be restored and the immune system can function optimally because kefir contains valuable vitamins (B12, biotin and vitamin K), and also minerals, beneficial yeasts, easily digestible proteins, lactase.

Milk kefir grains
Milk kefir grains

Kefir has a beneficial effect attributed to a range of symptoms and health problems. Like : Tuberculosis gastrointestinal disorders (or Crohn’s disease.) Disturbed bowel inflammation respiratory tract, kidneys and bladder nerve disease, ADHD, depression.

The composition of kefir is very different than that of yogurt. In yoghurt, for example, is still a lot of lactose and has little or no probiotics.

Kefir is easy to digest.

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