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What is Water kefir ?

Find out what is kefir and how to make water kefir at home. Authentic water kefir can only be made with kefir grains. With these live and reusable grains you can make a great, tasty and healthy beverage. Kefir grains range in color from clear to brown depending on the sugar used when fermenting ! Water kefir is like milk kefir, simple to make. It is fermented at room temperature with water kefir grains, water, sugar and dried fruit for about 24-48 hours. Water kefir has many health benefits. Kefir is much easier to make than yogurt or any other fermenting foods. Kefir has a large spectrum of probiotics.

Water kefir grains. Where to get your live water kefir grains and how to make your own water kefir !

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